My name is Willow Alexander. I am a current Life Scout with Troop 308G in Waco Texas.

Ever since I could remember, I have known I was dyslexic. I am one of the lucky ones who had that pleasure.

But that is not the case with everyone. Some people find that they have dyslexia, or that their kids have dyslexia, later in life.

The sooner a person finds out that they have dyslexia, the sooner they can get information about how to work with it.

Dyslexia might be classified as a "disability", but I don't see it like one. I see it as a something that is installed in my brain that, yes makes me work harder to read, write, and spell, but once I was given tools to help work with my dyslexia, I understood how to read things that younger me could have never even comprehended.

My goal with my project is to let parents and teachers known how to identify dyslexia, what dyslexia really is, and to give people resources to help people who have dyslexia or to get themselves trained to help dyslexics themselves.

I have talked with different experts, including my own dyslexia therapist, to gain more information, so that I can make my project as helpful as possible.